Saturday, 28 December 2013


If I burst into tears and screams
If I open my only self so you see all there is
Would you like me?
Would you be scared?

You would see so much pain
You would see so much sorrow
You will be scared of the images I saw
You would wish you could run away
And delete all the suffering this world created

This all resides in me, concentrated
In my thought, in my breath,
In my look, in my soul

But, would you stay?
Would you still stay
If I tell you
When you are near
My heart is clear
All is gone
But love alone

One page comics

Don't Edit Sober
Story: Ella Gall
Drawings: Kostja Ribnik

Once They Had Pest
Story: Ella Gall
Drawings: Kostja Ribnik

Friday, 27 December 2013


Remember.... one day, it will all be gone.
Remember the sky. One day it will disappear
Remember the roads in the villages in the mountains.
And remember the rain. One day it will seize to fall.
Remember the moonlight and dance on the sparkling light.
And the stars, and the rainbow, and the wind. Magnificent wind.
It used to transcend the limits and connect us all... give a gentle touch to one's cheek, then another... mess up your hair and caress your skin.
Remember the touch. Remember the look. Remember all the love one gave and received in return.
Remember love. One day it will be gone. Remember your lover.  One day...
One day you wake up and all is gone.
One day you wake up. One day you don't.